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Epoch Update

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Hello everyone,


As you all can tell, Epoch has been released. This update brings lots of optimizations and I am excited to work on it. I have already begun work on the update, but still expect it to take another week of work before I can release a stable server that is ready for players.


I don't expect to have all the little things implemented in this week, but I do expect to get the necessary framework established so that moving forward will be possible while the server is online.


I cannot yet give a time of release for the other two map additions, however I can say that they will follow shortly after Chernarus opens its doors.


This update will be quite large, so as aforementioned, not every detail will be implemented when I reopen the server in a week. However, you can expect all large features that are necessary for server balance to be implemented. These include but are not limited to:


  • Single Currency (Modified to work with the upcoming Hive)
  • Virtual Garage / Hangar (Created from scratch to support the Hive)
  • Safezones
  • Revamped mission system (Recreated for optimization purposes) - I cannot say at this time how many new missions will be available upon release.
  • Completely custom antihack (I have built this from scratch over the past month)


There are obviously more features that will be implemented, the most important are listed above. This update is going to be time consuming and a very modular process, so please stand-by and be patient as all the features are implemented over time.


Thank you all,


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