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Change Log: 4/16/2017

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  • [ADDITION]: All missions from the previous server patch ( have been re-added to circulation.
  • [CHANGE]: The way AI missions are chosen. It use to just choose randomly between all missions. Now, they are weighted. Red missions will occur less often than yellow and green, while yellow will occur more often than red and green.
  • [CHANGE]: AI missions will now only spawn when there are 5 or more players online.
  • [CHANGE]: Cleanup scripts have been added to take care of excess loot and carnage on the map.
  • [FIX]: AI mission markers will now work properly.
  • [FIX]: Messages will now appear when side missions appear on the map (construction crate etc...).
  • [FIX]: Messages will now appear when a player connects/disconnects.
  • [FIX]: Player gear will no longer open when they are given their 2,500 Gold Coin reward.
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