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Stuck at "Recieving Data"


Hellooo guis, B|


So my problem is that when i try to start up the game and connect to the server via dayz launcher it loads just fine and when it gets to the point when it loads up the server it just shows me the lobby and "Recieving Data" in the middle of the screen, the bar is loaded fully. idk how tf should i fix this. >:(


already tried solutions O.o :

-Reinstalled Arma 2 OA

-Verified game cache on Steam

-Verified the Mods

-Tried to update the Launcher


Nothing worked. need help a.s.a.p :S


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BigEgg    123

I had this issue last night as well, but logged in after a restart and it fixed it. Not sure what the issue is, but will do further research. Please try logging in through the game or just waiting till a restart (join right after).

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MeowMix    35

Come into teamspeak and contact BigEgg or I and we will try and help you in person or just reply to this thread.

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